french wine  is produced all throughout France  in   per year, or 7–8 billion bottles. France is one of the largest wine producers in the world.  some of there favorite foods are  escargot and Bœuf bourguignon escargot is snails cooked in parsley butter which is cooked  snails and Bœuf bourguignon which is beef stewed in red wine 

flying kiwi

my favorite activity was the flying kiwi it was very fun i liked it when we fly or when when ran in the other direction the we learned at the groins

story map and plot matrix

Who The shadow dragon the yellow dragon the long dragon the pearl dragon the people The emperor mountain god

Where Emperors palace Village sea What Problem                    No rain Setback Emperor does not listen

Setback Under mountain Helper Dragons make clouds Solution Dragons turn into river

Ending Dragons turn into River Learning Small people can do big things

Welcome to my learning blog

Hi my name is Max i am a  year 7 student. i will be using my blog for showing the work i have completed.

Our first unit will be story telling. the story we are doing is the four dragons. i think this story will be about dragon and will be set in a  castle and cave. the moral of the story is dragons are  nice and are lied about.